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Monsieur Doumani

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Monsieur Doumani


World / Rembetiko / Fusion / Cyprus


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Following the international success of their two previous albums, Cypriot group Monsieur Doumani returns with its third release titled Angathin. The album consists almost exclusively of original compositions and it essentially picks up from where their previous multi-award-winning album 'Sikoses' (2015) left them.

The album with the symbolic name 'Angathin' (which translates as 'thorn') addresses more than ever, the political, social and activist concerns and sensitivities of the group members and it is a call for rebellion against corruption, racism and injustice. Angathin's musical language is built on the coordinates of traditional Cypriot music but is infiltrated by elements from many other genres such as rock, blues, hip-hop, punk, psychedelia, balkan etc.



1. Κλώτσον πάτσον/ Kick 'n' slap
2. Ε, άδρωπε/ Hey, you
3. Αγκάθθιν του κάχτου/ Thorn of the cactus (ft. JUΛIO)
4. Τ'ακάμωτα/ Fallow fields
5. Κολοκούθκια/ Mishmash
6. Γκελ μπουρντά/ Gel burda
7. Πού να την φατσήσω/ Where shall I bang it? (ft. Michalis Terlikkas)
8. Μεθύσιν τζαι φιλίν/ Drinking and kissing
9. Η τζυρά μας ούλλους/ Mother and mistress of us all
10. Το αυτοκινητούιν/ Little car
11. Οι δράτζοι τ'Ακάμα/ Akamas' dragons
12. Καμώματα/ Antics (ft. Alexandros Gagatsis)
13. Αστερούιν/ Little Star (ft. Alkinoos Ioannidis)





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