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Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars

Release Titel:

Di Shikere Kapelye

Release Date:



Piranha Records


World / Klezmer / Brass / USA


Press Release / Description:
On this dynamic debut album the Allstars soubriquet is no misnomer. Gathered together are members of the world's leading Klezmer bands - the Klezmatics, Brave Old World, the Klezmer Conservatory Band, Hasidic New Wave, Naftule's Dream, Paradox Trio, KlezMs., Shirim, S. F. Klezmer Experience, Les Miserables Brass Band, and the groups of Andy Statman and David Krakauer - to pay tribute to the legendary Shikere Kapelye (Inebriated Orchestra), a 19th-century traditional Jewish Oriental village brass band that inexorably influenced the course of Klezmer music. A blast of brass to blow the cobwebs off the past!

1. A Shiker Iz A Vloyzer-Shpiler (A Drunk Is A Brass-Player)
2. A Lekhaim Far Ale Freylekhs (A Gay Toast)
3. Tsu Der Kretshme (Going To The Bar) 2:20
4. Medley: Rakhmones (Compassion) - Dedicated To Tom Cora/A Shikers Kholem (An Inebriate's Dream)/Der Yid Vet Trinkn (The Jew Will Drink)
5. Hora Mit Slivovitz (Crooked Dance With Plum Brandy)
6. Lekhaim, Efraim (Cheers, Frank)
7. A Glezl Shnaps (A Shot Of Shnaps)
8. Trink Nokh A Glezele Vayn, Moyshele? (Another Glass Of Wine, Matt?)
9. Ot Azoy, Dovidl (Right On, David)
10. Fun Der Kretshme (Coming From The Bar)
11. Lign In Der Gasn Nign (Lying In The Street Tune)
12. Oy, Mayn Kapele (Oh, My Aching Head)
13. Medley: A Glezele Bronfn (A Shot Of Brandy)/Nokh A Glezele Bronfn (Another Shot Of Brandy)
14. Ashers Hering Un Mashke Tants (Dave's Herring And Whiskey Dance)
15. Oriental Shtetl Nign (East Village Melody)
16. Shlof, Mayn Kind (Sleep, My Child)



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