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Loxandra Ensemble

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In Transition

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Dalit-Music, Switzerland


World / Ethno / Greece





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The favourites of the international world music scene are back again. Following two well-received albums and an absence of more than 5 years, the eight-member Loxandra Ensemble has finally made a come-back with new music.
 Rembetiko, traditional Greek folk music, classic Ottoman and Turkish folk music, music of the Roma, the Sephardi Jews, sounds of the Arabian world, the Caucasus and the Balkans are all reflected in the music of Loxandra Ensemble. Formed in 1997, the eight-member group from Thessaloniki traces the spirit of centuries past, skilfully bringing it to the present age.
With its new album “In Transition", Loxandra Ensemble has now delivered its most conclusive and coherent work to date. The album marks a creative change in the band with a new line-up and its own compositions being featured for the first time. On 11 songs the centuries-old musical traditions of the melting pot that is Greece are conjoined in a unique way with modern influences such as jazz, swing and even Latin. At times rousing and dance-inspiring such as on "Kai ti den kano", at other times reflective and introspective such as on "Ipirotiko". Framed by the poignant vocals of lead singer Ria Ellinidou, which float over the compositions in a hauntingly beautiful way, lending the album its distinctive note.
The work was transformed visually with coherence and great attention to detail by renowned Polish graphic designer and illustrator Simeon Genew. Mastering was done by Michiel Cornelisse in the Blaisdell Studios (Groningen, NL), which has previously worked with greats such as the Amsterdam Klezmer Band and the Martin Lubenov Orkestar. The album is being released on the newly established Swiss ethno and world music label Dalit-Music.
Loxandra Ensemble’s “In Transition” is available everywhere as a CD, digital download or through streaming from 20 April 2018.




1. Ti se mellei esenane
2. Longa Bambino
3. Kai ti den kano
4. Çoban saz semaisi
5. Karagouna
6. Mikropolis
7. Ipirotiko
8. Karsilamas tou pappou
9. Giati thes na fygeis
10. Balkan Salsa
11. Milia





Nikos Angousis Klarinet
Foivos Apostolidis Percussion
Makis Baklatzis Violine / Vocals
Ria Ellinidou Vocals
Thanasis Koulentianos Kanun
Loukas Metaxas Bass / Vocals
Dimitris Panagoulias Percussion
Kyriakos Tapakis Oud





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