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Tailwind Home

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World / Ethno / Mongolia





Press Release / Description


Equus are excited to announce the release of their 2nd album “Tailwind Home”. Our debut release “Dakshin Khun” (2013) was very well received by critics and audiences alike described in Music Forum Magazine as “One of the most evocative albums I have heard…This is pure musical pleasure, exciting, challenging, and fun all at the same time”
Tailwind Home” represents a maturing of the Equus sound, which typically blends Mongolian throat singing (Khuumi) and Horse Head Fiddle (Morin Khuur), played by master Mongolian musician Bukhu Ganburged and Turkish and Middle Eastern music (John Robinson) with a fusion rhythm section (Peter Kennard Percussion and Bertie McMahon double bass). The new album sees Equus reimagining traditional Mongolian tunes, as well as creating new original pieces using traditional instruments and idioms.

Equus’ music has always been about meetings, of music, cultures and ideas, seemingly disparate cultures uniting under the southern sun.

Equus have long been a favourite at festivals all over Australia, amazing audiences with their unique music. They have certainly become a well known face in Australia’s burgeoning world music scene.

(source: equusmusic.com.au)





01. See Ser Salhi (Wind)
02. Five Hills
03. Tailwind Home
04. Sixty White Horses
05. Shifting Sands
06. Huurhun Haliun
07. Tricky-Hudayda
08. B'duun B'duun
09. Travelling Song






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