Madredeus Existir foto de Inês GonçalvesMadredeus is a music group from Portugal. Formed in Lisbon in 1985, it is one of the best-known Portuguese music groups worldwide.

The style of Madredeus is a blend of traditional Portuguese music with influences from modern Portuguese folk music, particularly fado. Added to that are elements of classical music as well as progressive pop music and elements of Brazilian music, most notably Bossa Nova. The song lyrics are often melancholic and refer to the vastness of the sea, to travelling and absence, continuing at times a tradition of Portuguese songs dating back to Medieval days. Founder of the group Pedro Ayres Magalhães describes the music style of Madredeus as classic Portuguese music as it has never been played before. According to him, the poetic texts and sophisticated overall concept have always been important, as evidenced by the choice of special venues and the restrained, yet effective staging.

The band was founded in 1985 by guitarist Pedro Ayres Magalhães and keyboard player Rodrigo Leão. They were joined a year later by violinist Francisco Ribeiro and accordion player Gabriel Gomes. While in search of a singer, they came across Teresa Salgueiro in one of Lisbon’s night clubs, and she became a member of Madredeus in 1987. That same year the group recorded its first album, a double album entitled “Os dias da Madredeus”. The album was recorded in the group’s rehearsal room, a converted abbey in Lisbon. The recordings were particularly strenuous due to the deafening disturbances every five minutes caused by the tram passing directly overhead.

With that album Madredeus gained international fame and went on to perform throughout Europe, as well as in countries such as Brazil, Japan, North Korea and the USA. Other internationally acclaimed albums followed. Those included the album “Ainda” which served in 1994 as the soundtrack of the movie “Lisbon Story” by German director Wim Wenders.

Throughout its existence, Madredeus has frequently had changes in its line-up. Rodrigo Leão left the group in 1994 to be replaced by Carlos Maria Trindade, a former member of the Portuguese band “Heróis do Mar”. In 1996 Gabriel Gomes and Francisco Ribeiro left the band, with bassist Fernando Júdice joining it. Long-time singer Teresa Salgueiro also left the band at the end of 2007 to launch a solo career, as various former members had previously done. Only Pedro Ayres Magalhães and Carlos Maria Trindade remained, who continued the project without a singer. With a group of new musicians and a new concept, they subsequently launched the project “Madredeus & A Banda Cósmica”. The atmospheric staging took a bit of a back seat, and the music was overall more technical, with broader instrumentation. After three albums and the completion of the trilogy, both declared the project to be ended.

In 2011 Pedro Ayres Magalhães announced a new album, which was to be released the following year to mark the 25th anniversary of the group. For that purpose, there was a new Madredeus formation made up of musicians from the “Lusitânia Ensemble”, the “Orquestra Sinfonica Portuguesa” and singer Beatriz Nunes who studied jazz and classical singing. The album was released under the title “Essência” in April 2012, reaching #5 on the official Portuguese album charts.

Since its founding, Madredeus has published some twenty albums. Those include a remix album called “Electrónico” in 2002, and in that same year a collaboration with the “Flemish Radio Orchestra” under the direction of Bjarte Engeset with arrangements by Maestro António Victorino de Almeida entitled “Euforia”.


1987 Os Dias da MadreDeus
1990 Existir
1992 Lisboa (1992, live in Lisbon)
1994 O Espírito da Paz
1995 Ainda (1995, Soundtrack "Lisbon Story" (1994 film))
1997 O Paraíso
1998 O Porto (1998, live at Porto)
2000 Antologia
2001 Movimento
2001 Palavras Cantadas
2002 Euforia
2002 Electrónico
2004 Um Amor Infinito
2005 Faluas do Tejo
2008 Metafonia (feat. A Banda Cósmica)
2009 A Nova Aurora (feat. A Banda Cósmica)
2010 Castelos na Areia (feat. A Banda Cósmica)
2012 Essência
2012 Antologia ("Best of", 1987-2007)
2015 Capricho Sentimental




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